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General Piranha Sports Event Rules are listed at the bottom

Piranha Sports, the pioneer in series racing for both individuals and clubs - The Greater Atlantic Multisport Series and Greater Atlantic Club Challenge, respectively, is the largest and only series of its kind.  Over 31 Races to choose from with most races situated within 50 minutes of Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Click here or on flyer below for pdf and clearer view.

Click here or on flyer above for pdf and clearer view.

Rules for 2017 Series:

Each individual’s point value will be assigned from each Greater Atlantic Multisport Series and applied to the Greater Atlantic Club Challenge. All individual points apply towards their respective clubs in the Greater Atlantic Club Challenge. Relays or non-conventional events (i.e.—Adventure Race, AquaBike, Open Water Swims) do not count towards rankings. USAT and non-USAT members welcomed to compete. Important: Piranha Sports uses a data driven reporting tool to calculate points. Therefore, it is important for your data to be consistent from race to race in order for the points to be calculated properly for you. For instance, Michael Smith, Mike Smith and Michael "Triathlete" Smith are distinctly different names to a data system and the points will be calculated separately for each distinct name. As well, if you do some races as a Clyde and some as an Age Group, your points will be split accordingly to the division for each race. You may have a total of 20 points, but 12 may be as a Clyde and 8 as an Age Group. As well, using different ID’s will create separate rankings and we will not be able to combine these once created.  In addition, athletes may mix up their races to maximize their point earning potential prior to each race start and these points count to the overall series points (i.e. - triathlon or duathlon).  By doing so, one may also try and achieve the top ranking for overall or age group against all types of racers or races. 

Piranha Sports has the right to modify rules and prizes as necessary.

The Greater Atlantic Multisport Series (GAMS) and Greater Atlantic Club Challenge (GACC) winners will be announced at the last series race. Awards are given to the Top 5 overall in each gender and first overall in each division.  Two requirements for awarding the winners of GAMS are as follows: Winning the division AND having finished in 4+ GAMS events.

Need to be present to accept awards at the last race of the season.  Winner for any of the prizes mentioned on this page are responsible for any taxes, delivery, and installations that may occur. In addition, Piranha Sports, LLC and their participating sponsors are not responsible for any misprints or additional expenses related to these prizes. They also reserve the right to modify as necessary.

Greater Atlantic Club Challenge® Winners by Year:
2016 – DE Swim and Fitness TRI-Dawgs – 823 Points
2015 – DE Swim and Fitness TRI Dawgs – 864 Points
2014 – DE Swim and Fitness TRI-Dawgs – 628 Points
2013 – DE Swim and Fitness TRI-Dawgs – 929 Points
2012 – Team Bricks MultiSport – 1006 Points
2011 – Team Bricks MultiSport – 537 Points
2010 – Team Bricks Multisport – 631 Points
2009 – Team Bricks MultiSport – 490 Points
2008 – T3 Philly Triathlon – 238 Points

General Piranha Sports Event Rules
· All events are wetsuit legal and eligible for awards.  Water temperature will be taken race morning.  Management may refuse wetsuits in the event water temperature is above 82 degrees.
· Photo ID required for packet pickup and only athlete themselves may pick up.
· Referees which may also involve Staff Personnel and race management must observe any violations in order for penalties to be enforced.
· It is at the discretion of the referees what penalties may be enforced along with time penalties or disqualifications which can range from 2 minutes to DQ.
· Management may make appropriate modifications at any time to rules for safety of event.
· The following are some guidelines regarding rules.

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct is never tolerated.
  • No drafting on the bike including riding on the left or blocking.  Drafting is allowed at Piranhaman Event Only (but blocking is still not allowed)
  • Helmets are required at all times when on the bike.
  • Trash and racing equipment must be kept with you and taken with you during portions of event and after event.
  • Assigned number must be used throughout event including proper racking location of bike.
  • It is the athletes responsibility to know the course. Any intentional course cutting will result in a DQ.
  • Referees’ decision is final.
  • Once award ceremony begins, all results are final.  Be sure to check results immediately following event once penalties are posted.
  • Any violations of the above, does not grant athlete any refunds, transfers, or similar for any event(s).
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