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3/12/2017 Club Challenge 2017 Trophies
12/21/2016 #1 Gift Idea - Race With a Friend in 2017
6/24/2016 How to Transfer Registrations, View My Races, & Make Status Changes
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Upcoming Races
Open Water Swims at the Newark Reservoir 5/30/2017
Independence Triathlon and Duathlon 6/4/2017
Cape Henlopen Triathlon & Duathlon 6/11/2017
Tri-It™ Festival 6/17/2017
Diamond in the Rough® Triathlon and Duathlon 7/8/2017
Top of Delaware™ Tri & Du in Memory of Paul Schlosser, Jr. 8/20/2017
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Top 3 GACC Clubs Points
1. DE Swim and Fitness TRI-Dawgs 77
2. UD Triathlon Club 61
3. SVY MultiSport Gators 31
3. Turk's Head Racing 31
5. TRS Racing 22
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Top 3 GAMS Male Points
1. George Corbi 12
1. Jake Saunders 12
2. Michael Espejo 11
2. Don MacK 11
3. Jacob Capin 10
3. John Littlewood 10
3. James Pelech 10
3. Michael Welch 10
4. Harold Pickar 9
4. Blair Saunders 9
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Top 3 GAMS Female Points
1. Nicole Strand 12
1. Amy Wise 12
2. Lisa Comer 11
2. Jeri MacBride 11
3. Evelyn Egizi 10
3. Shawn Mangan 10
3. Amanda Pupillo 10
3. Tess Walter 10
4. Sharon Miner 9
4. Kristy Noesges 9
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Friends and Kudos

Piranha Sports' owner and race director, Neil Semmel, is a member of  the 300 Event Club.
1 of only 3 in the nation!!

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Greater Atlantic Multisport Series ® Events
Open Water Swims at the Newark Reservoir
Open Water Training Swims at the pristine and clear Newark Reservoir - 6PM to 7PM every Monday from 5/1/17 thru 10/9/17 except for May 30 (Tuesday), July 5 (Wednesday), and Sept. 5 (Tuesday).

Newark Reservoir
200 Old Paper Mill Road
Newark, DE 19711


Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Independence Triathlon and Duathlon
Tri: 1/4 Mile Swim~10 Mile Bike~2 Mile Run
Du: 2 Mile Run~10 Mile Bike~2 Mile Run (new since 2016)
Lake Nockamixon State Park - Quakertown, PA
Lake Nockamixon State Park, Quakertown, PA
Sunday, June 4, 2017
Cape Henlopen Triathlon & Duathlon
Tri: 1/4 Mile Swim~10 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run
Du: 1.5 Mile Run~10 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run
Lewes, DE
Sunday, June 11, 2017
Tri-It™ Festival
Tri:1/4 Mile Swim~10 Mile Bike~2 Mile Run
Du: 2 Mile Run~10 Mile Bike~2 Mile Run
Lums Pond State Park, Bear, DE
Saturday, June 17, 2017
Diamond in the Rough® Triathlon and Duathlon
International Distance Tri: 1 Mile Swim~27 Mile Bike~5 Mile Run
Sprint Tri: 1/4 Mile Swim~7.8 Mile Bike~2.4 Mile Run
Sprint Du: 1 Mile Run~7.8 Mile Bike~2.4 Mile Run
Perryville, MD
Saturday, July 8, 2017
Top of Delaware™ Tri & Du in Memory of Paul Schlosser, Jr.
TRI: 1/4 Mile Swim in the pristine Newark Reservoir~11.4 Mile Bike~2.6 Mile Run
DU: 1.5 Mile Run~11.4 Mile Bike~2.6 Mile Run
Newark Reservoir, Newark, DE
Newark, DE
Sunday, August 20, 2017
North East Triathlon and Duathlon
TRI: 750 Meter Swim~13 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run
DU: 1.5 Mile Run~13 Mile Bike~3.1 Mile Run
North East Community Park in North East, MD
Sunday, August 27, 2017
Diamondman® Challenge Festival
Choose from either HALF 113 m/m™ Distances or Sprint Distances!!

HALF 113 m/m™ Tri: 1.2 Mile Swim~56 Mile Bike~13.1 Mile Run
HALF Du: 3.3 Mile Run~56 Mile Bike~13.1 Mile Run

Sprint Tri: 0.5 Mile Swim~19.5 Mile Bike~3.3 Mile Run
Sprint Du: 2 Mile Run~19.5 Mile Bike~3.3 Mile Run

Sunday, September 10, 2017
Marshman® Tri & Du Presented by Kinetic PT
Sprint TRI: 1/4 Mile Swim~12.5 Mile Bike~2 Mile Run
Sprint DU: 1.75 Mile Run~12.5 Mile Bike~2 Mile Run
Marsh Creek State Park in Downingtown, PA
Sunday, September 17, 2017
Piranhaman 226 m/m™
The first and only FULL Distance Event in Delaware. A Point to point, draft legal 226 m/m™.

From Lums Pond State Park in Bear, DE to Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, DE.

Choose between the FULL 226™K or the LONG HALF™ 203 m/m™ (126.3) Miles.

Saturday, October 14, 2017